3 Things Your Child Needs From You

3 Things Your Child Needs From You

3 things your child needs from you when they are in crisis

Are you worried about your child?

Is your child depressed? Missing school? Hiding out in their room? Self-harming?

Do you long for more effective ways of connecting with your child? Are you worried that you are losing the connection with your child? This is a common complaint from parents and there is a simple step you can take today!

To engage with your child you must be a force of calm and strength! How can we accomplish this as parents?

1.Be calm. 2.Don’t react. 3.Be present.

Utilizing mindfulness activities to collect yourself, calm, and be available to listen to your child and truly hear what they are saying and what they need.

The best part? It takes 3 minutes!

Remove yourself from the situation and focus on your breathing. Dim the lights and position yourself comfortably. This could be sitting in a chair or lying down on your bed. Close the door and isolate yourself from the sounds of your life. A deep inhale through your nostrils (3 seconds), hold your breath (2 seconds), and a long exhale through your mouth (4 seconds). Repeat this for 3 minutes. These 3 minutes will set the stage for a true connection with your child. The idea is to get yourself in a better place so you can be there for your child the way they need rather than reacting to the overwhelm of the situation. 

Do this everyday for 3 minutes. You want to teach your mind and body to relax when there is not a crisis. The first time you engage in mindfulness should not be in the moment of the crisis! This easy step of practicing will improve your ability to be calm and present when it is most needed.

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*If someone is in danger call 911 or take them to the nearest emergency room.

If the individual is in crisis but not imminent harm, providing anonymous hotlines can give a safe outlet to get help.

  • TEEN LINE CALL 310-855-4673  TEXT TEEN to 839863
  • Alternative House Hotline, 1-800-SAY-TEEN (1-800-729-8336). The Hotline is answered 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by trained counselors and volunteers. In addition to serving young people in crisis, it is also a resource to parents who need advice or referrals.

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