Keep Thinking Positive!

Stop negativity in its tracks

Sadly, we all face a constant flood of negativity from all around us.

Boost your mood: stop, breathe deeply, and practice gratitude.


Relationship Issues?

Individual sessions can reduce stress and build perspective.

Marital or couples counseling can resolve tension, enhance
trust, and help you both align with shared values.

A Happy Family

Requires Trust

Families can be confusing, complicated, and frustrating!

Family dynamics, like a garden, need to be constantly tended:
focus on commitment, trust, and active, positive engagement.

The most amazing moms

Have plenty of support!

Even the best moms can struggle with the “baby blues,”

postpartum depression/anxiety, and other defeating factors.
Take back the joy of motherhood!

Hello, I’d like to introduce you to our practice!

We are a private practice of Licensed Marriage and Family therapists in Vernal, Utah. We specialize in individual therapy, family therapy, couples/marital therapy, and group therapy services. We see clients of all ages and provide treatment for a myriad of referral needs. If we can’t help, we can get the appropriate referral. We are currently accepting new clients, and we also provide free seminars and psychoeducation for the community regularly and by request.

We encourage you to learn more about Cloverleaf Counseling, meet our therapists, and to read about our therapy and other services.